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Corporate "outplacement" is the process of managing the normal executive employment terminations which arise in a changing organization.

"Outplacement" is an accepted human resources management tool ... it has become an integral part of corporate employee relations and corporate responsibility.

How a company responds to the career problems of its managers and executives is an important reflection on the company itself. A company's executives are the first line of it's public relations and selling efforts because their managers and executives are usually highly visible individuals. Outplacement policies and practices are designed to:

Somewhere, there is the "RIGHT POSITION" for every executive and professional person. We are dedicated to guiding individuals to the "RIGHT POSITION" through research, utilization of the modern personnel techniques, specialized marketing knowledge, personal and corporate consulting experience and our deep personal interest in the displaced individual.

Preliminary arrangements can be made for an exploratory interview at your firm or in our offices. Seminars may be appropriate if a group of people are outplaced at the same time. Individual consultations follow the seminars.

The costs of our services are borne by the corporation. In no instance is an additional charge made to the individual or to the new employer. The fee depends upon the type of program utilized and you are informed in advance of the service to be rendered. The fees are reasonable and consistent with the services provided.

Contact an Outplacement Representative at: recruiter@allenandassoc.com or call us at (702) 731-2066